• American Indian End-of-Life Care

    Dave Baldridge recently published an article on end of life care programs for American Indians and Alaska Native elders. It can be accessed online at http://www.chronicdisease.org/?page=Briefs and then clicking on the title “Moving Beyond Paradigm Paralysis: American Indian End-of-Life Care (2011)”.

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    Posted on December 16th, 2011

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    Resources for Explaining the Health Reform Law

    Some new resources from Kaiser Family Foundation and the Alliance for Health Reform provide a great tool for teaching your friends and family about the new benefits and changes under Affordable Care Act. Please share these resources widely! Illustrating Health Reform: How Health Insurance Coverage Will Work A new interactive feature from the Kaiser Family [...]

  • OMO Governing Body

    Posted on November 10th, 2011

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    November articles & advocacy resources

    Advocacy resources, articles, reports, and studies from November’s OMO newsletter…

  • Health Data Task Force

    The National Quality Forum is looking for nominations for a ...

  • Health Parity Alerts

    2011 Health Equity Summit The Affordable Care Act and Beyond: ...

  • Multicultural Action Plan, Resources

    [download id="4"] Prepared for the: State Partnership Initiative Office of Minority Health Office of ...

  • Resources

    Some new resources from Kaiser Family Foundation and the Alliance ...

  • Best online casino craps dice control craps

    Best online casino craps dice control

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    Best online casino craps dice

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    Online casino craps dice control

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    Online casino craps dice control craps

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